Besides Coworking Space…

Nomazon also provides different community programs across the year, where coworkers and outsider can gather and learn. We wish to offer quality courses, of which will definitely prove useful to nowadays public and especially towards entrepreneurs.

Why Learning ?

Learning gain more knowledge in a short amount of time. In the programs, we can learn and find things that are applicable in our lives, work, business and more. Learning things by ourselves can be confusing and easy to get lost along the way. It is always better if there is someone professional and/or experienced to guide us in this regard. Training is a new way, to seek knowledge, to look for answers as well as improving oneself, to grow not only your skills, but also mentally.


Friday night TGIF, wondering what to do? Why not improve yourself with this time of yours? Only 3 hours a week and you might find the answers to your problems here.


Like the bite of a shark, straight to the point. Is money your primary concern in a start-up business? Let a successful local entrepreneur show you the ways!


These courses will be really formal and informative as its purpose is to guide businesses along the way up to IPO level! Think you have what it takes? 

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Service of goodwill

Nomazon hosts different events mainly to foster the relationships between members as we target to create a healthy community, whereby resources can even be shared around within itself. Having courses of such calibers at such an interval isn’t easy, just consider the amount of maintenance work is to be done behind the scene. 

Regardless, Nomazon will strive till the end, allowing more and more people to enjoy such affordable, if not informative and helpful learning classes. Not only do we value the quality of our community program, we also hope we can bring the best to all our audiences.

Not sure what to join? Tell us your story, we can help!

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