About Us

Nomazon hosts a Coworking space, a unicorn office awaiting you to join the roster! With fighting spirit, Nomazon aims to create a stress-free, friendly environment where people from different field can work under a same roof, forming a resourceful community.


To create an ecosystem full of resources for entrepreneurs!


To assist entrepreneurs in expanding across Asian cities!


* Entrepreneur Spirit
* Integrity
* Openness
* Impact-Driven

Our story

Thanks to Nomazon’s resourceful community, the networking in it can be really informative or even act as a really strong asset for most fresh, up and rising entrepreneurs or businesses. Having an incubator as the parent company, these are what mainly caters, fresh start-ups and growing companies. The opportunity is always there, join us now and  strenghten the force!

Every little bit of power counts! No matter you are working on, there will always be another capable of working together. Creating a stronger, more reliable future for either of your businesses! That is exactly what Nomazon is meant for, to foster relationships between different businesses and bodies with an environment where everyone can strive forward as they fight side by side.

Our Captain

Alvin Yew

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated with bachelor degree in electronic & electrical engineering from Nottingham Trent University and master degree in computer science from University of Malaya. Having more than 16 years of Information Technology experience playing various roles from technical, presales and business development. He believes that coworking is a self-directed, collaborative, flexible work style that is based on mutual trust and sharing of common core values between members.

Lionel Tai

Chief Operation Officer

He carries 18 years of Information Technology experience playing various roles from Analysis, R&D, Consulting, Deployment, Project Management and Business Development and Talent Development.
As a founder of a coworking space in Kuala Lumpur, he believes that talents and entrepreneurship are the key factors of the future of our nation; and coworking space is one of the best platforms to incubate and groom these young talents to be internationally ready.

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