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The Most Affordable Event Space in Penang

Event planning is not an easy work, especially so when it comes to unsatisfying event space or worse, unable to find a suitable space. For events with less people, you’d expect a comfortable space that isn’t too spacious, or the event would look like a failure with low headcounts taking up such a big space. While events with larger audience seek a spacious environment where the participants wouldn’t feel cramped. And that is just one concern out of a few more dozens to worry about.

Event with 130 pax

Transformative Space

The event space in Nomazon can be a really spacious one, holding up to 200 people in a theater seating arrangement. However, to cater smaller events, the hall can be split into half, which makes an event with 60 people looks quite the crowd! Besides the event hall, there are smaller rooms up for rent as well, ranging from small meeting room for 5 pax, board room for 10 pax, event room for 23 pax, up to event room for 50 pax. The space even include a common area and a cafeteria where you can use for refreshments and dining throughout the event.

With also flexibility on Nomazon’s side, the space is capable of transforming into any formation you need. Tables and chairs can be arranged in any way you like, classroom seating, round-tables, theater seating, or any other custom styles you are comfortable with as long as the space allows.

i-shape seating / Roundtable seating

High-end Facilities

Equipment is something worth going deeper into when it comes to an event space. People will always be concerning about the facilities a space could offer. From display or visual system down to sound system and other applications or catering, it is always worrying when something happened

On the topic of an event hosts’ needs, it is almost a headache when it comes to this major issue for event-goers: car park. A decent event space can be anywhere, even in the heart of the city in Penang state. However, a good spot with convenient car parks are hard to come by, it is already rare in existence, not to mention in a city like this. This however, is where Nomazon Event Space shines, situated some distance away from the crowd, Nomazon event space is one of those on the rare side of the spectrum in terms of parking spaces. For the location is in industrial park, car parks are all free to use and most of the time there are plenty of empty spaces around the compound too. During weekends where most events like to set on, the car park situation is even less of a worry as there are almost none working in the weekends anyway.

Street Parking

Street Parking

Breast feeding room or VIP room? No problem !

There are often special requests in an event, and we are surely capable of providing other services and accommodations for your event. The reason being there’s a coworking space in within Nomazon as well, of which office equipment will never be a problem, including meeting room, smaller event room, private rooms. These are the extra features that can be arranged upon requests as long as they are available! What is not good about having a private room for your speaker? As the space allow, for Muslims that require a more quiet place for praying, Nomazon has the space to create makeshift praying areas, or even two spaces for separate genders.

Small event room

Lets us handle the catering stuff

The biggest concern for this space would be the proximity for closest lunch or dinner area. These can prove to be problematic as events don’t usually planned out to have too long of a lunch or dinner break. Hence, Nomazon could help in arranging catering services and has enough space to cater up to over 120 pax for meal sessions! Food choices are of wide variety and there are a few sources for those with special requests such as halal food or vegetarians. Another worry is lifted off event hosts!

Common Area

Nomazon Event Space serves as an event space in Bayan Lepas area, with flexibility at its core, the most affordable event space in Penang for what it has to offer. It is truly a 5 star event space with only 3 star prices!

Interested in Nomazon Event Space ? Grab your phone and contact us now at +6017-547 2017. Or drop by for visit in the event space, trust me, you will definitely love it.

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