How will Future Technology Affects the Workplace

How will Future Technology Affects the Workplace

It is a reality that as technology evolves, the world will surely change along with it. Just look at 1999 and 2019, the difference in technology, especially in the field of IT is just worlds apart! Experts have predicted that the market will soon pick up these around 2020 as workplaces in the next decade will almost be unrecognizable from today’s. And so comes the debate whether job openings will still be sufficient for people.

Jobs in field such as office, administrative, manufacturing and production will almost certainly decline across the next 4 years. As robotics are taking over, people predict that over 6 million roles will be lost worldwide.

However, on the contrary,business and financial roles along with computing and mathematical roles are expected to rise in numbers.

As above mentioned, human won’t run out of jobs, instead, they might be shifting, majorly, in field and to pursue different profession as accordance to the market needs. It is predicted that 65% of children under the age of 11 today will be working jobs that aren’t even created yet. This is not exactly a bad thing per se, as a few decade ago, there isn’t much roles related to computing and to say the least, social media was not even a thing back then!

Jobs are getting automated

The automation of jobs is the sign of this new era, as more and more machines are capable of acting on their own as programmed to do so. What we see increase in numbers drastically is first off self-scanning machines as well as production equipment. Parts are assembled automatically by robotics technology. Recently, the usage of driver-less cars has also passed the safety testing phase and starting to commercialize, with this, people are definitely looking at lorry and taxi drivers to be out of jobs or at least getting replaced by an estimated of 40 – 75 million AI and robotics by the year 2025.

This all sounds scary, but it is pretty much an inevitable future. It is certain that people in these fields are going to lose out:

• Retail assistants
• Customer services
• Finance admin
• Elementary storage

As a matter of fact, not only manual labourers would have to leave their current role in the future, people with office jobs are not safe either. Jobs that are dealing with black and white, with certainties could possibly get replaces, such as tools that are overriding professional editors like Grammarly, as well as Lawyers for basic legal advises.

The arguments whether AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be creating or taking away more jobs will never end, and we would never be of certain until it hits reality. However, it is undeniable that they will have significant impact on current jobs and roles that people are taking up. Mainly automated jobs would definitely get replaced by machines while human focuses on more brain-taking jobs.

Below are the jobs that could benefit from AI, but not at all replaceable:

• Education
• Science research and medical
• Accommodation and food services
• Communications
• Arts industries

These jobs requires more creativity skill set which as of now, robot and AI are yet to be able to replace. Instead, technology will be able to help them in their workplace, giving the professionals more time to use their brain to cover creative projects and tasks.

Currently, what makes the future seems closer that ever is the wide usage of internet globally. Internet allows people to easily replace encyclopedia, dictionaries and other directory-based tools. More and more businesses are turning towards online-based or at least cover online platform. Some of the people working through online platform are even self-employed and often work alone in anywhere they like, such as coffee shop or a coworking space.

The Commodity of Jobs

Some creative jobs are commodified by robots and technology, while they are not completely taken over, it does make the process way easier for unskilled people to carry out different tasks. The best example would be website maker such as Wix and Canva pretty much allow any people to carry out creative tasks without prior knowledge or skills.

Wix is a websie development software that allows even the beginner of beginner if any business to create their own website. The software is so user friendly that the website created by a beginner can be way prettier than some professionals. This is a sign of how technology would develop in the short future, as AI and machines can be of such great help, or rather, they took care of the hard-to-figure part and leave the required creative part to human.

While Canva is a design software that come with major help in composition, balancing and other designing knowledge. With minimal skill, anyone can design a great looking piece, it almost puts some professional designers to shame at this point. This is how technology outclasses some of the skill people took years to develop.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb also provides new job, or extra income in some sense, for anyone with a spare space or a car to use. These business methods are taking opportunity of new technology and with minimal labour of looking for clients yourself. With aid of GPS and AI recommendations, the system is almost flawless to accommodate for these types of business. Instead of taking away job, which in this case, technology creates new jobs instead.

Remote Working

About a decade ago, if you told people that you are working remotely, people will think that you are either taking up own project, or is simply without a job. No one can define what actually is remote working. However, with internet being almost a physiological substance in every household, people are picking up that working doesn’t require your physical presence, for some profession that is.

What most entrepreneurs are also taking up sales job online and doing their own business that way, riding on internet and several social network as the main platform. Besides working at home, cafes and coffee shops are offering free Wifi connections, even the roadside in some country. So besides home-based remote working, people could actually work in coffee shops such as Starbucks, or cafes with internet connection.

As prediction goes, by the year 2025, 540 workers would’ve used the internet to look for job or freelance projects. This is actually benefiting both sides of the spectrum, as company probably would spend less to hire freelance than actual professional with fixed salary. Whereas people with required profession could pick up their own projects as accordingly. However, this means that another layer of worker is being cut off due to possible demand drop as above mentioned way could be more profiting in a longer run.

One more reason why employees working remotely is healthy for the business is because, as research proves that employees that are working remotely tends to be happier and more productive than those fixed in office space.  The CEO of Zapier paid $10,000 to his San Francisco employees to persuade them to work remotely and claims that doing so has helped him create a business worth $20 million.


It brought us to the next topic, it is also considered to be the trend in work place now. Google has adapted this style of working perfectly, allowing his employees to work flexibly, their office isn’t quite a co-working space, but it perfectly resembles one, both in flexibility and facilities provided.

Remote working doesn’t only mean to work from home, it also applies when a group of entrepreneurs from different field come together and work in an office space, that does not belong to any of them. Instead, it is a co-working space, where they mostly include relaxation, foods, beverages, basic office supplies as well as space to work.

Some coworking space are working across the globe, whereby remote working can be carried over even to other countries, you could be working literally anywhere at this point. How technology has brought a new height in the idea of remote working, it is nothing like what we’d imagine a decade ago is it?

Cloud storage is similar in some way to a coworking space, as most people are physically there in an office, but could be working on their respective projects. Cloud however, allow many computers to work on one project together while not tying up their hands as one whole group of people are just staring into one computer screen. Working across different platform, but conclude in a cloud storage is far more effective and efficient than the traditional method of staring into one PC screen or projector, we call this virtual brainstorming.

Working as a team no longer requires the physical appearance of all members, taking from online games where people used to think it is but a child’s play. Now even workplaces are adapting to that similar concept, where people are working with the same objective from their separate locations and computers, through internet.

The High-Tech Workplace

Workplaces are certainly moving into a new era where physical offices is less of a thing, and even so, traditional physical office is sure to have a changeover in a few years. Some example of new technology that might be brought into a workplace include wireless cell phone charging, interactive displays, and more designs, atmospheric changes that would definitely push office outlook towards a more futuristic feel.

Future workplaces will focus more on collaboration and have less cubicles workplace. Collaboration requires smooth communication between different department and a more fluid SOP of everything. A place where people can gather up quickly to have small discussions, problem solving could be seen in more companies, instead of grand meeting room or board room. This is to ensure a faster flow in these type of tasks, again, increase in communication, less blockade between one another.

Other technologies that will definitely change the workplace includes voice or face recognition, virtual wallet to use in the certain space, or to make purchases of even food and beverages. Augmented and virtual reality will also have their own place in global business/offices.


As a conclusion, there is no doubt that workplace can now be anywhere, public transport is but a finger away, trading can be done without cash. This is the moment when the world is taken over by technology and workplace will definitely change, both in the presentation, feel, facilities, or even its existence.

While some jobs are being streamlined and eliminated, more are opening as accordance to technological trend. We can safely say that the emergence of technology brings both good and bad news to workplaces and job openings, it mostly depends on what career you are working with. However, it is undeniable that, technology has came far, and is taking the world by storm. Love it or hate it, you must live with it one day, and the question is — How?

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