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A Coworking Space Away From the Crowd

Nomazon is a coworking space way out of the heart of Penang City. It is located in factory area, peculiar isn’t it? However, that is when it should shine all by itself.

First of all, what is a coworking space? A coworking space is where you can rent a single seat if you run your own business, to work in an office environment. If you are with a small team, a start up company for example, coworking space will be your wisest choices as it include all basic facilities, rental, service and maintenance. You don’t need to spend a single cent in those and you can enjoy something worth up to millions of renovation!

Like most coworking spaces, Nomazon provides office spaces, in the form of mostly Hotdesks, which of itself is a concept where people can sit anywhere in the space they want as long as there’s a seat available. This is a great way to improve communication and to build up networking between different companies’ staff for example.

With facilities ranging from personal lockers, printing & laminating services, game room and rest areas, you can see that running a small company or startup business in a coworking space can lower so much of your burden, especially in the form of space rental and renovation! Why of course Nomazon supplies all these! These are merely the basic requirements if you are running a company of your own!

What makes it special then? First thing first, Nomazon is a coworking space located far away from the crowded city central area, in the industrial park, where you can work as official as it needs locally. This area is full of offices which should create a more serious vibe among your peers.

Nomazon is constructed with a more professional approach, we are currently catering to companies of different field, ranging from incubator, gaming industry to education field. These diverse field of people is exactly what we are aiming to do. With more people from different field as their professions, we are creating a wider web of network where there will be professionals from different field for inquiry or to seek for resources/information exchanges.

Besides the basic more general supplies most coworking spaces provide, Nomazon also allows rental of meeting rooms, board room and event hall. These comes in different sizes and can cater up to different amount of people. For instance, meeting rooms can cater up to about 5 person each, while board room caters up to 10 person with projector. The event hall on the other hand allows the seating of up to 200 person when fully utilized. Some facilities comes with credit hour for usage in the standard membership as a coworker, while some requires separated rentals.

With Nomazon’s latest Community Programme, we are seeking to link all these in a network, using our own space and linkage as the platform, thus creating a circle of resourceful community. And this community will circulate not only among the internal members, but also towards the external as a reach to more realistic, helpful and for our members to gain knowledge of what is applicable in their job or businesses.

What’s more? Drop by and let us tell you more! Contact us @ +6017-547 2017

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