3 Main Roles of Corporate Secretary in Malaysia

When a company is registered as Sendirian Berhad / Private Limited (Sdn Bhd / Pte Ltd), it is required to appoint at least ONE Corporate Secretary, regardless of the ethnicity of owner. In Malaysia, secretaries are licensed by Malaysia Company Secretaries Association and the fees charged will be at about MYR 100 monthly, this amount however, is exhaustive as it still needs to take into consideration the jobs and services your company required. The roles and duties of a Corporate Secretary is clearly stated in Secretary Association while their licenses are governed and regulated by the Company Commission of Malaysia.

Below are the roles and duties of Corporate Secretary in Malaysia.

Compliance with Statutory Requirements

One of the main role of a Corporate Secretary is to assist your company (Sdn Bhd) by acting as the official liaison party in communicating, preparation and submission of Statutory Returns between your company and the Companies Commission of Malaysia. The process must be under compliance with statutory requirements under Malaysia’s Companies Act 1965

Meeting/ Preparation of Resolutions

  • Attending Board Members at secretary office and offer advice on any company secretarial matters when required
  • Preparation of resolutions by way of circular resolutions when required by your board or members
  • Attending Board and General meetings
  • Prepare and file your company’s Annual Returns to the Companies Commission of Malaysia

Advisory Services

  • Secretary will offer general advisory service towards any of your company’s secretarial matters to ensure that all the secretarial records are properly maintained and complies with the requirements stated under Companies Act 1965
  • They will also advise you generally on the provisions of the Companies Act 1965

Other Supporting Services

  • Alteration of Memorandum and Articles of Association (eg: Change of Authorized Share Capital or Names)
  • Shares transfer, rights issues and Declaration of Dividend Company Searches
  • General Company Searches
  • Documents Certification
  • Attend Board Meeting, Annual Meetings, and other Extraordinary meetings
  • Protracted advisory services that may or may not entail extensive research and consultation
  • Preparation of documents, statutory document and instruments

As a director of a company, you have the rights to terminate or change the appointment of the company secretary at any point of time shall you feel their services are sub par. At this point, the secretary company will then review the performance and find another secretary that suits your needs the best.

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