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Why Nomazon

Believe it, we know what you need. Let us handle the mess, where space is not a worry for you or your company! Parcel arrived when no one is around? We will safe keep it for you! Ran out of ideas or burnt out at work? Join the community to get more network around you, why worry when people and information are just right beside you?

We offer more than a desk!

Within our community circle, there is not only a strong network available for resource sharing opportunity, but also professionals capable of giving consultation towards entrepreneurship, in the form of an incubator.

Work in a healthy community

Acting as the community center for social entrepreneurs, we encourage and support entrepreneurs in many-a-way! From assistance to setting up a branch, offering recruitment services, or even offer co-sec advises! Nomazon hosts our own community programme, in this program, we offer classes, business tours, opportunity of exposure and more for our members. Who will benefit the most from this? Entrepreneurs!

Ready to get started?

How do you like Nomazon’s space? Or would you prefer to have a look for yourself? Schedule a Tour now! You don’t need to give us the answer first, why not experience it for yourself with a Free Trial day pass! Just contact us to schedule a free day of working in Nomazon!

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  • Plant 2, Unit 6, Plot 85C, Lintang Bayan Lepas 11 , 11900 Bayan Lepas
  • (+60)17 - 547 2017
  • Opening Hours : 0800 - 22:00
  • @NomazonCampus